MAXX Electronic Cigarettes

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Do you miss smoking at work, clubs, bars, etc.?

Then you should consider the MAXX Electronic Cigarettes, shipped FREE from Indiana/Kentucky. (With a $20.00 minimum order) Electronic cigarrettes offer a safer form of smoking and the ability to smoke everywhere. No tar, no smoke, no cancer-causing agents, only harmless water vapor.

When you consider electronic cigarettes, there are a lot of brands to consider. With this in mind we decided to simplify your choice. We have our kits manufactured to our specifications from the number-one manufacturer of e-cigarrettes in the world. Our e-liquid is from the number-one manufacturer of e-liquid in the world. We also offer a full line of custom mix U.S. made e-liquids. Our e-liquid has been independently tested and has no harmful additives. We strive to be on the cutting edge of the electronic cigarette market. We are constantly testing and adding new products that we consider to be the best available. We could have chosen less expensive kits and e-liquid, but we decided that quality and service is our goal. Most suppliers sell cartrides only which are a waste as most cartridges are refillable (Our e-liquid will work in our competitor's cartridges). Compare our prices on accessories, kits, and e-liquid and we think you will agree that MAXX Electronic Cigarettes is the smart choice. If you have any questions, email us at If you are in the Bloomington, Terre Haute, or Clarksville Indiana areas or the Louisville, Shepherdsville or Bowling Green Kentucky areas, stop by and pay us a visit.

Dennis Elkins